Wilderness First Aid & CPR/AED with SOLO Certification

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a long distance hiker, rock climber or backcountry guide this course will help you keep yourself and those around you safe on adventures.  Learn how to approach emergency situations and develop skills to help no matter where you find yourself during this two-day hands-on course!

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Then complete a Medical Form & Liability Release.

Location:  San Francisco Bay Area, exact location to be announced 2 weeks prior to the course start date

Hours:  8:00am-6:00pm Saturday March 16th2019 & Sunday March 17th2019

Price:  $245

The Course Covers:

-The Patient Assessment System (how to respond to emergencies)

-How to improvise care no matter where you are

-Prevention and risk avoidance for various injuries/sicknesses

-Tools to help you determine your patients’ care needs

-Techniques for splinting injuries

-Spinal precautions & clearing

-CPR & AED for all ages

Course Includes:

-Wilderness First Aid book

-Alumni gear discounts

-Wilderness First Aid & CPR/AED Certification through SOLO (in accordance with the certification policy)

Instructor Qualifications:

-Wilderness EMT

-Approved and insured Wilderness First Aid & CPR/AED Instructor

– Backcountry guide & outdoor educator with 10+ years of teaching experience.

What Have Past Students Said?

“Danielle is an excellent instructor and outdoor adventurer. She has a deep understanding of wilderness medicine and has used her skills to save lives. Above all, Danielle truly cares about you as a student. She is thoughtful and systematic in her approach, yet always willing to go into detail when needed to answer questions or drive-home important points. She makes sure each student gets the most out of the course and goes home with the ability to help others in emergency situations.”

“Danielle makes really good comparisons and analogies to help us remember abstract topics better.”

“She is super upbeat and seems to be everywhere at once, checking in with all the groups and giving us pointers or involving us.”

“She asked for everyone’s understanding and also made sure that she asked for our questions and concerns both during and after class.”

“Everyone participates.  Danielle is awesome!”


Certification Policy

Certifications are given through Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities (SOLO), providing leading wilderness medicine certifications and training since 1976.

For courses leading to certification, certification can only be achieved by students who attend all class sessions, actively participate in activities, demonstrate appropriate skill competencies as assessed by the instructor and meet the minimum criteria for passing any written exams if applicable.  Attending a course leading to certification does NOT guarantee certification.

Participants must meet minimum age, fitness and prerequisite requirements when applicable.

Recertification Policy

Wilderness First Aid certifications are valid for 2 years.

With The Wild Things offers Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder recertification to those meeting the requirements in the certification policy and those who are compliant with the rules and regulations of their original certifying body and hold an active certification or are within the grace period for recertification.

Client/Student Cancellations and Changes:

After booking a course/clinic or trip you will have a 24-hour window in which you can cancel with a full refund or transfer your payment to a different course/clinic or trip without penalty.

Cancellations made at least 14 days prior to the course/clinic/trip start date will receive a 50% refund, with a $25 processing fee.

Transfer of payment to another course/clinic or trip at least 14 days prior to the course/clinic/trip start date is possible with a $25 processing fee (this fee can be waived if the vacated spot is filled before the start date).

Within 13 days of the course/clinic/trip start date, no refunds are available.  Payment can be transferred to another course/clinic/trip with a $25 processing fee IF the vacated spot can be filled 3 days prior to the start date of the course/clinic/trip.

No refunds or transfers are available 3 days prior, during or after the course.

With The Wild Things Cancellations and Changes:

Inclement weather does not necessarily cancel an event; With The Wild Things will contact you if the course/clinic/trip is cancelled.  In addition to altering itineraries, With The Wild Things reserves the right to cancel due to insufficient registration or unforeseen circumstances (such as closures due to snowpack, landslides, etc.). Weather can be volatile; decisions regarding cancellation will always made at minimum 2 hours before the course/clinic/trip.   In the event With The Wild Things decides to cancel, you will receive a full refund. With The Wild Things is NOT responsible for any other expense incurred by participants, such as airfare or lodging, in the event of a cancellation.

Refunds and Transfers:

Refunds will be issued promptly in the form of a check or through PayPal. At With The Wild Things’ discretion, non-refunded amounts may be credited towards a future trip, or another product or service offered.

Transfers must be made to courses/clinics/trips with a start date within the year of the original start date.  Transfers are only equal to the amount paid; additional payment may be necessary depending on the price of the new course/clinic/trip.  If it is desired to transfer the course/clinic/trip to a different individual, that individual must meet all participating criteria and agree to all relevant With The Wild Things policies.

Privacy Policy:

With The Wild Things will not sell or share your information for commercial purposes. Your e-mail and phone number will be used for contact purposed regarding your class and your email will be added to the mailing list, with options to opt out.

Information may be shared with stated third parties related purchasing items or services (i.e. PayPal).  With The Wild Things itself does not store credit card or other payment information.

In the event of a medical emergency, relevant medical and identification information provided to With The Wild Things may be shared with the appropriate medical personnel.

Course Offerings:

  • Thru-hike Coaching
  • Backpacking Basics
  • Introduction to Ultralight Backpacking
  • Skill Clinics
  • Wilderness First Aid (Course for Certification through SOLO)
  • Wilderness First Responder (Course for Certification through SOLO)
  • CPR (Course for Certification through SOLO or American Red Cross)
  • Periods, Peeing & Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics (Certificate of Training through Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics)
  • Leave No Trace Awareness (Course for Certification hrough Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics)


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