Thru-Hike Coaching

Interested in a long distance hike?  Learn all that you need to go from day-dreaming to hitting the trail with custom coaching.  You decide what topics you want to cover from just a refresher session to a comprehensive plan including basic first aid, workouts, gear advice and resupply planning strategies.  Whether you want a couple consultations or multi-month program we can plan to get you the skills that you need in the timeframe you need them!

What You Get:

  • Custom coaching and one-on-one attention
  • Trip advice from a seasoned backcountry guide and long distance hiker
  • Gear suggestions from a former manager of a outdoor gear shopIMG_0354
  • Exclusive ultralight gear discounts
  • First aid knowledge from a Wilderness EMT
  • Workout suggestions from a long distance hiker with a background in training dancers focusing on foot and core strength


“I can’t thank Danielle enough for the help she gave me.  She walked me through everything from my initial packing list to how to resupply as I went.  Her advice left me confident in my ability to meet challenges head on, and long term was instrumental in my success.”  -“Zero,” Appalachian Trail 2018

“I spoke with Danielle multiple times while planning a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. She shared her enthusiasm and extensive backcountry experience through vivid stories which made me stoked for my trip. Her advice prepared me for both the logistical and mental challenges of a thru-hike and ensured I had a phenomenal experience.”  -“Chatter,” Pacific Crest Trail 2018

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