A 70-Mile Section Hike on the Bay Area Ridge Trail: Long Distance Hiking in San Francisco’s Backyard

I hiked in silence enjoying the beginning of the morning warming the land. I alternated between admiring the Pacific Ocean and the sunrise. A loud rustling stopped my reverie and I looked further down the trail and out of the bush came a creature playfully bounding towards me. What was it? It looked like a puppy, but as it approached I could clearly see it was a young fox. The fox looked up at me in surprise and we both jumped.

Giggles’ Gear Modifications and Tips for a Thru-hike that Starts Tomorrow or is still in Your Dreams

Everyone has their own way of doing things on a thru hike, whether it is how they attach their umbrella to their pack, when they take a break for dinner or what they find makes the best pillow at night. Here is a short list of modifications that I created and gathered from others before and along my hike. These are all simple adjustments to make and can be done the day before your hike, on trail, or during advanced planning.

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