Wilderness First Aid & CPR/AED with SOLO Certification | March 16 & 17 2019 | San Francisco Bay Area| $245

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a long distance hiker, rock climber or backcountry guide this course will help you keep yourself and those around you safe on adventures.  Learn how to approach emergency situations and develop skills to help no matter where you find yourself during this two-day hands-on course!  Read more…

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What Have Past Students Said?

“Danielle is an excellent instructor and outdoor adventurer. She has a deep understanding of wilderness medicine and has used her skills to save lives. Above all, Danielle truly cares about you as a student. She is thoughtful and systematic in her approach, yet always willing to go into detail when needed to answer questions or drive-home important points. She makes sure each student gets the most out of the course and goes home with the ability to help others in emergency situations.”

“Danielle makes really good comparisons and analogies to help us remember abstract topics better.”

“She is super upbeat and seems to be everywhere at once, checking in with all the groups and giving us pointers or involving us.”

“She asked for everyone’s understanding and also made sure that she asked for our questions and concerns both during and after class.”

“Everyone participates.  Danielle is awesome!”

Full List of Course Offerings:

Preparing for a backpacking trip, hoping to learn a whole new skill, or excited to increase your knowledge?  Check out one of my courses!  These courses range from beginner to advanced and cover a wide range of topics.  They are open to the public as well as available for private bookings.  Don’t see what you are looking for or interested in a private or custom course?  Contact me!  Use this page to sign up and to see what courses are offered.

  • Thru-hike Coaching
  • Backpacking Basics
  • Introduction to Ultralight Backpacking
  • Skill Clinics
  • Wilderness First Aid (Course for Certification through SOLO)
  • Wilderness First Responder (Course for Certification through SOLO)
  • CPR (Course for Certification through SOLO or American Red Cross)
  • Periods, Peeing & Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics Workshop (Certificate of Training through Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics)
  • Leave No Trace Awareness (Course for Certification hrough Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics)


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