A 70-Mile Section Hike on the Bay Area Ridge Trail: Long Distance Hiking in San Francisco’s Backyard

I hiked in silence enjoying the beginning of the morning warming the land. I alternated between admiring the Pacific Ocean and the sunrise. A loud rustling stopped my reverie and I looked further down the trail and out of the bush came a creature playfully bounding towards me. What was it? It looked like a puppy, but as it approached I could clearly see it was a young fox. The fox looked up at me in surprise and we both jumped.

Giggles’ Gear Modifications and Tips for a Thru-hike that Starts Tomorrow or is still in Your Dreams

Everyone has their own way of doing things on a thru hike, whether it is how they attach their umbrella to their pack, when they take a break for dinner or what they find makes the best pillow at night. Here is a short list of modifications that I created and gathered from others before and along my hike. These are all simple adjustments to make and can be done the day before your hike, on trail, or during advanced planning.

The Body

Dirt tends to highlight scars and my feet are quite dirty and quite scared.  I have accrued a decent number of injuries over the course of my life and most of them to my legs and feet.  The important ones being my left ankle has not really worked properly since birth.  With odd pain syndromes... Continue Reading →

Snowpocalypse 2017 Skills

Saturday, I watched both the sunrise and the sunset.  I woke up at 4am to begin my drive to Bear Valley, California to take a mountaineering course.  The day before, I leisurely fit my crampons, experimented with sock thickness and gaiters. Nighttime rolled around faster than I expected and I ended up hurriedly gathering my things.... Continue Reading →

The Mind

Sitting on the couch in the break room at REI a couple weeks ago I took my shoes off, threw my feet over the back of the couch to elevate them and slouched until I was lying down.  This is a pretty typical mid-shift position for me, trying to spoil my feel that I will be... Continue Reading →

The California Poppy and Me

When I set off on my training hike at Mount Tamalpais this Tuesday, I didn't even make it out of the parking lot before spotting my first California Poppy.  It's petals outstretched in what seemed to be a valiant attempt at mimicking the sun.  The flower was in full bloom unlike several weeks ago when... Continue Reading →

Thelma and Louise

Normally, my alarm clock, currently set to the song "Africa," never makes it past the subtle intro before I wake up, but this particular morning, There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do/ I bless the rains down in Africa jolted me from my dream.  Soon, Jo (my mom) and I were sitting in... Continue Reading →

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